As a company producing printed circuits with many years of experience, we are able to advise our clients at the PCB design stage.

We offer training under the title "Factors Affecting PCB Cost" During the workshops, we share our knowledge of what to pay attention to when designing PCBs to reduce costs during production. We know perfectly well that PCB design is a process that requires appropriate concentration and precision. At the outset, we can only say that there are many factors that affect the final price of the tiles. Often, small changes in the design are enough to save even more than 30% of the tile price in the final order. During the training, we will also show you how to properly create printed circuit boards to optimally use the entire production panel. Therefore, do not hesitate, check the details and sign up today.

Purpose of the training The training broadens and helps to assess knowledge in the field of PCB design in terms of cost optimization.

Duration Training time: approximately 2-4 hours