Thanks to many years of cooperation with leading Polish companies, we have the opportunity to offer you the assembly of electronic components in all commonly used technologies, both in the field of surface mounting and through-hole mounting. The assembly takes place on fully automated lines of surface assembly (SMT) and assembly of through-hole elements (THT). The assembly process itself is based on the use of the latest technologies, ensuring high quality and the elimination of all defects. Thanks to the extensive machine park, it is possible to implement both prototypes and long series.

All circuits are subject to several stages of quality control, from checking the application of paste on a screen printer, checking the soldering condition of components in the SMT reflow oven, THT machines, to optical AOI tests of the most complex laminates and functional tests performed at the customer's request. All SMD and THT assembly is carried out in accordance with the IPC-A-610D standard and ESD standards.

The offer includes:

  • Paste and glue SMT assembly
  • Installation of CSP, BGA, microBGA - also small series
  • One and two-sided mounting, mixed SMT + THT
  • Reflow soldering, lead-free or lead-free, wave soldering
  • Contract assembly
  • Assembly of electronic components
  • Manual assembly of through-hole elements
  • Forming through-hole elements
  • Electronics assembly
  • Contract assembly of electronics
  • SMD assembly
  • Mixed mounting
  • SMD and THT assembly
  • SMT assembly
  • Final assembly
  • Visual inspection
  • ICT and Functional Tests
  • Manual assembly of single prototypes