You can still order PCBs from us and receive them before Chinese New Year!


We have already received information that this year's production break in China will be extended due to a new wave of diseases. Last year's problems with continuity of supplies may repeat. Now there is still a chance to secure an adequate supply of PCBs for the coming time.


As you know, Chinese New Year is a turning point in the calendar of every importer of goods from China. However, the real turmoil is happening in China. A large amount of production on the local market encounters problems. Every year during the CNY period, factories start to operate under great pressure, they want to be able to complete all orders and send them on their way to customers before Christmas. It is associated with significantly increased work hours, a lot of overtime and work on weekends. Often, productions are rushed carelessly, which often causes quality problems with the goods. This year, the pressure is also much greater due to the enormous likelihood of an extension of the production break associated with the coming new wave of disease, which is already causing volatile market sentiment.


With many years of experience, we make sure that the tiles we deliver remain at the highest level, regardless of the pressure around Christmas in China. Perfectly planned production is a key factor, but it is also extremely important to book our shipments in advance. The demand for air and rail freight from China is huge, the availability of equipment and space is limited, traffic at the borders is intensified, the number of flights is limited, in addition, rail operators in China may postpone departure dates.


Based on our experience, we strongly encourage our regular and potential customers to analyze the PCB demand for the upcoming time in advance and order as soon as possible.

Greetings and welcome