The success of Masko Technology is due not only to the HIGHEST QUALITY PRINTED CIRCUITS produced with almost every technology available on the market, but also the PEOPLE who make up the company.

Thanks to our passion and commitment, acting in accordance with the principles recognized by us, we have created a model of cooperation with clients, characterized primarily by a high business culture based on mutual trust and respect.

Our priorities include the highest quality with each order, quick response, efficient and transparent cooperation, building stable and long-term relationships with the customer, timely deliveries, as well as the social responsibility of our production. Our company is ethically, socially and environmentally responsible.

We provide all our clients with an individual approach to each project, we offer flexible solutions in the field of delivery and storage, coordinated solutions from prototyping to serial production.

Masko Technology offers a range of PCB technologies, from single-sided, multi-layer, HDI boards to complex high-tech multi-layer flex and rigid flex products. Thanks to carefully selected partners, we can produce any, even the most complex, tiles, regardless of the level of technological advancement.